Adamant BioNRG was founded in Italy in 2013 by professionals coming from different sectors: bioenergy, oils & fats, oil & gas, sustainability certification.

The target was to merge different competencies with the purpose of creating a sustainable business model focusing on the green energy market.

The company, which has experienced a 3-digit growth Y-o-Y since 2013, is today on the right path to become an important player in the bioenergy landscape, with a traded volume of more than 100,000 tons during 2019.

Our vision is “to contribute to the undergoing worldwide change in the energy paradigm becoming a trustworthy supplier of innovative, sustainable and renewable fuels”.

How we want to achieve our vision is summarized in our mission statement:

“Adamant BioNRG aims to become a leader in innovative renewable fuels, specializing in the residues-to-energy segment. We want to achieve our goal through these 4 steps:

  • Scouting and originating sustainable feedstocks around the world, with a particular attention to by-products and waste & residues streams
  • Identifying the most suitable technology in order to get the best performance – both technical and economical – out of the selected feedstock
  • Running a LCA sustainability assessment, taking into consideration environmental and social aspects
  • Supplying tailor-made solutions with the best trade-off between quality, price and “sustainability score”