Adamant’s activities in production, trading and shipping operate in a system of Circular Economy. This means resources are used to their maximum value, then are recovered and regenerated in products and materials at the end of each service life which allows for minimum waste.

We aim to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. It represents a systemic shift that builds long-term resilience, generates business and economic opportunities and provides environmental and societal benefits. It requires gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system.


Adamant follows the product chain both directly and indirectly, from the agricultural harvesting of raw materials to the manufacturing of the final product.

The production of Biofuels is carried out in three different industrial sites in Italy. Adamant collaborates with certified companies in order to ensure the highest quality products on the market.



Adamant administrates and manages a trading book to annotate all the transactions of entry and exit regarding the intermediary and final products.

Their trading book also incorporates financial operations for risk, considering future changes and current analysis, catering for strong risk management strategies.



Adamant manages all logistic phases in the biodiesel production chain. Raw materials from Argentina and Honduras are shipped by chartered services and managed directly by Adamant when shipment reaches our local markets. Our stock services for raw materials and final products are held in Genoa and Milan.