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Green Jet Fuel

Just a few weeks ago, the European Union confirmed that the ReFuelEU Aviation initiative would impose the use of green fuels (Sustainable Aviation Fuels) on all flights departing from EU airports, regardless of their destination. What will this mean for the biofuel and transport industries?

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Adamant BioNRG Leader della Crescita 2022

Oltre 25.000 candidate, ma solo 450 le aziende campioni della crescita 2022 e Adamant è tra queste...

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Bionrg Education Ep. 1 - Energy in a Sustainable Society

Bionrg Education is a project created by Adamant Bionrg with the aim of explaining to all its stakeholders the industry in which the company operates. This series explores the company's progress and the way in which Adamant aims to help build a sustainable society.

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